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10 tips to save money online

Buying online is usually an addictive experience for many and sometimes we end up having to control how we make our purchases on the internet. On the other hand, buying online is often cheaper and there are still many ways to save money.

1. Make a list of what you will buy and don’t get distracted. No matter if you see that beautiful pair of shoes you've wanted or that set of weights that your husband wanted to buy for months, focus on what you need and purchase only that.

2. Sign up to receive exclusive offers from your favorite online stores. Many online stores send offers and discount codes that are only available to people who are subscribed to your list of emails.

They can also send you opportunities to enter sweepstakes or send free samples.

3. Do not settle for just a price, find various shops (at least 3-4) to compare prices and availability. This is where Skyseek Deals comes to your rescue as we compare various stores and offers online so you don’t have to.

4. Do not join programs like "Buy now and pay later" from credit lines or online payment methods. This depends on your personality and willpower though, if you know you can make the payments and avoid credit debt, make use of these.

These payment methods are excellent as most offer a discount from $ 10- $30 but if you have no control of your expenses, you’re better off not using credit card programs online.

6. If you're in November, wait for Cybermonday, it is also good to wait for the holidays for shopping as stores make special offers and add a lot of clearance items.

7. If you are buying a gift, first the clearance or sale page of the website, if you do not see anything good enough to give as a gift, then look elsewhere on the page.

8. Try to get free shipping! Many sites offer this if you buy $ 25, $ 35 or $ 50. If a store requires that you buy over $150 before your shipping can be free, think carefully before buying uncontrollably.

9. Avoid using the function of "instant purchase" that stores like Amazon and Ebay offer. Use the virtual shopping cart and check your order carefully before making your final payment.

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