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Sell Your Beats Online with Airbit!

Join thousands of other top producers using...read more

Sell Your Beats Online with Airbit!

Join thousands of other top producers using the most advanced beat store in the world.
Meet Airbit. From their mobile compatible HTML5 Beat Stores to their fully featured Flash Beat Stores, there's a store to suit your website and personality. Their HTML5 Beat Stores work on desktops and mobile devices including iOS and Android, and can be embedded or viewed full screen like a music app. Flash Beat Stores are great for desktop users, perfect for embedding on your Soundclick profile.
There's a Beat Store for every occasion. Compatible on mobile including iOS and Android.
Embed Beat Stores anywhere on the internet including Soundclick, Facebook and even your own website.

No commission taken from any sales made on your Beat Store or your Airbit profile. You keep your hard earned money. Protect your beats from theft with your own voicetag playing over your beats. Upload your own, or Airbit can create you one.
No more hanging around to get paid, your money goes instantly to you...even on Airbit Marketplace!
Your customers can pay by PayPal or bypass it and pay directly with a credit/debit card.
Leasing and Exclusive licenses might not be enough, so create your own! Then legalise it with custom contracts.
Generate more business with special offers. Give your customers more bang for their buck!
Track which orders come from which embedded Beat Stores. Your tailor made marketing strategy.
Add your customers to your AWeber or MailChimp mailing lists automatically after every order. Keep in touch.

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