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With the economy going the way it is, you need to be aggressive and take charge of your career. Companies are more and more...read more

With the economy going the way it is, you need to be aggressive and take charge of your career. Companies are more and more selective on who they interview and hire. YOUR RESUME is the first thing the company sees and it needs to shout out, “I’M THE PERFECT CANDIDATE!” Does your current resume do that? Does your resume represent your brand? Are you an executive, mid-level or professional? Does your executive resume accurately describe you? Are you underselling yourself? Does your professional or mid level resume match up with what you’ve been doing or focus on your career progression and accomplishments?
If you have sent your resume and cover letter to LOTS of companies and still no bites, you need to take a serious look at your resume–your career depends on it.
Most times, clients just aren’t sure what they should include on their resume and cover letter. We get asked the same questions time and time again– “What is my resume lacking? Too much info? Not enough? 1 page? 2 pages? 3? What is acceptable? Are there rules? What will get my foot in the door? I just want to get to that interview”

Exclusive-executive-resumes.com know what needs to be on the resume. They know what questions to ask, what information should be on the resume, and what to focus on to get your foot in the door. They talk to employers. They know what they need to know about you, and Exclusive-executive-resumes.com know how it should look. They can help you identify your personal brand and let it shine through on your resume.
Exclusive-executive-resumes.com have been trained by the PIONEERS of the resume writing industry and have honed those skills into creating one-of-a-kind professional and executive resume campaigns and branding strategies.

You will partner with a certified expert resume writer to gather information, brainstorm, and create a finished resume that will WOW employers and make you undeniably the best candidate for the job.

Professional Resume Services’ select group of certified resume writers are hand-picked by Erin Kennedy, MCD, CMRW, CPRW. Exclusive-executive-resumes.com house some of the nation’s top executive resume writers, each with their own uniqueness—boasting numerous awards, publications in various career and resume writing books, serving as recognized industry experts, key contributors to blogs and online magazines, etc. Each executive resume writer receives additional training and “tweaking” from Erin to remain consistent with the company philosophy and writing strategy.
After your initial consultation with Erin, she will match you with an executive resume writer that specializes in what you do and fits your needs perfectly. You and your writer will partner to create your dynamic new resume package.
It’s a simple, effective and enjoyable process that has worked for thousands of happy executives and professionals in transition.

Welcome to one of the best investments you will ever make in your journey to finding your perfect job!

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