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Don't we all like to share our travel experiences and communicate with friends and family while abroad? More often than not, it can...read more

Don't we all like to share our travel experiences and communicate with friends and family while abroad? More often than not, it can be a bit of a struggle to do so and the charges are excessive to say the least. In a nutshell, this is why Tep was created . At the Tep-quarters we are all avid travelers. We enjoy touching down in new airports and visiting new countries. Some of us prefer urban locations while others want to hide away in distant exotic islands, but there is one thing we all have in common: we all wish to communicate while abroad. We wish to have the freedom to make a call, send a text, drop an email or make a post on our social network. However, when trying to do so in the past, we were often slapped with hefty telephone roaming bills (note to self: beware of using your personal US phone in Europe!) or with hotel Wi-Fi costs (£15 for a days' worth of anchored Wi-Fi?!). So at the end of 2009 Tep team sat down, stamped our foot on the floor and said: "Enough! Every single traveller should be able to avoid international roaming rates and, wherever possible, pay only local rates." This became their final goal. Since then, Tep have gradually managed to create a customer proposition that, while making life easier for the traveller, attempts to save them as many inches of international roaming rates as possible. At the start, Tep begun to offer their service in the UK and then gently extended the reach of the service to other European countries. And they plan to continue. Their anti-roaming revolution is not over yet! China, India, Hong Kong, Mexico and many more are part of the Tep future.... which is right round the corner :) In a world where mobile Internet has changed the way we live and travel, how is it possible that most travelers pay ridiculous roaming rates, or fail to stay connected due to incompatible technology! Tep vision is simple: to create a unique mobile service that allows travelers to remain completely mobile and connected, only paying local rates. Tep understand that being connected is a lot more than just making calls. It's about posting your thoughts on Twitter, sharing pictures on Facebook, and sending emails on the go.

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