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Zillow – Your One-Stop Website for Real Estate

Buying a home or renting an apartment can be stressing given the...read more

Zillow – Your One-Stop Website for Real Estate

Buying a home or renting an apartment can be stressing given the numerous options that you are exposed to. Choosing the best deal requires a comprehensive guide that will lead you to the best deal available. This is where Zillow.com gets into the picture. This is a leading real estate website that guides its users on how to select the best deals in the real estate market.

How does Zillow Work?

This website posts sortable listings for homes and apartments for rent. All the homes and apartments for rent throughout the United States are listed in this website. You can therefore find the best home or apartment using this website.

There is also the mortgage calculator that can be used to estimate the monthly mortgage payment. This software can also be used to search for the best mortgage rates from different lenders.

Why is Zillow better than other Sites?

Zillow is not the only real estate website in the United States. There are other websites such as Realtor and Trulia which offer similar services. Though these other websites are also popular, Zillow is considered to be the best among them due to the many features users of this website enjoy. Here below are some defining features of Zillow that make this website truly valuable.

Zillow Key Features

  • Available Listings: at Zillow.com, users are taken through available listings for them to choose the best homes to buy or apartments to rent. All the homes for sale and apartments to rent throughout the United States are listed in this website.
  • Mortgage Calculator: there is also the monthly payment calculator that helps users in estimating their monthly mortgage payment.
  • Current Rates: Zillow has a feature known as “Compare Mortgage Rates and Lenders” that helps users to get the best current rates from lenders.
  • Advice: unlike other real estate websites, Zillow offers professional advice to people seeking to buy or rent apartments.
  • Local Information: there is a “Local” section that shows the demographics, schools and homes for sale in a given neighborhood.
  • App: Zillow allows for its users to download and use their mobile app for ease of searching and listing.

The above mentioned are just some of the top features of Zillow. There are a dozen other features that users of this website enjoy.

Benefits you get

On top of the above features, you will get the following benefits:

  • All-in-one House Hunting: you will get all you want from a real estate website using this site. There is listing, mortgage calculator and professional advice all in one website.
  • Up-to-date Homepage: the homepage is frequently updated and the site tracks your location to give you the best information on the homepage.
  • Free: All the above mentioned features and benefits are offered for free.

There can never be any better real estate website than Zillow.com. Choose Zillow to enjoy all the stated features and benefits.

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